Peace keeping + love in Liberia.

24 05 2009

The wonderful babies

The wonderful babies


             Military Officer who rushed to the rescue of a mother and her triplets


A universal proverb says: ‘He who gives blood, saves life’. This proverb was given its true meaning and transformed into reality on 13 May when an UNMIL Military Observer (MILOB), Lt.-Col. Ershad Hossain, voluntarily donated his blood to save Menemon Jarbo, a pregnant Liberian woman who later gave birth to a set of triplets. Menemon and her family will forever remain grateful for this humanitarian gesture demonstrated by this gallant Bangladeshi peacekeeper who truly went beyond the call of dut

 Lt.-Col. Ershad is the team leader of MILOB Team Eleven in southeastern Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County. This medical emergency was a case referred from River Gee County to the Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital in Zwedru. Relatives of Menemon Jarbo had tried to get a donor with the right blood type, to no avail. Then came this good “Samaritan”: Lt.-Col. Ershad, to their aid.  The proud mother and her three babies are presently doing great.

The donor insisted on remaining anonymous, but his noble contribution to save four lives could not remain unheralded. Lt.-Col. Ershad has indeed made himself, the United Nations and his country, Bangladesh, very proud through this singular, voluntary gesture. It is indeed hoped that others would emulate his shining example.saving lives2

Showering Lt.-Col. Ershad with deserving words of commendation, UNMIL Deputy Force Commander, Maj.-Gen. Carl Modey, who is the Chief Military Observer, said: “I hereby salute you on behalf of the entire UNMIL Force and indeed the whole Mission. You really made us all proud and you deserve our special commendation”. General Modey also conveyed to Lt.-Col. Ershad the appreciation and commendation of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Ms. Ellen Margrethe Løj, and of the Force Commander, Lt.-Gen. ATM Zahirul Alam.  





7 04 2009

_dsc2tango2Missing dreams are back. ten grand in my hand.

Like many Liberians, making ends meet daily is like moon walking with out the popper equipment, but for some, the GSM Company (cellcom) has made moon walking look like drinking coco-cola, and now the 5th person Williams Blamo had taken the us$10.000 dollar walk, all you have to do is just call and talk and use two dollars and you will received an electronic ticket for the draw at each week end…………



An 18-year old 8th grade junior high school student  Williams Blamo of the seven day Adventist high school in the Monrovia over the week-end became the fifth winner of the GSM Company CELLCOM ten thousand dollars raffle draw. Williams lives with his mother, two brothers and a sister. As it is in Liberia Saturday most people stay at home wash their clothes, clean their homes and relax after the days work, Williams had just finished cleaning the house and  washing his brothers, sister and mother clothes , he was tired and went for some rest when his phone rang.

According to Williams “I was just trying to dose off to sleep when my phone rang, but I am never reluctant to answer my phone, so I pick it up, Hello? Hello? Then the other side answer, yes this is cellcom weekly raffle draw you have won the ten thousand dollars. It sounded like joke, you know I have friends in school that are good at this (fooling around), so I shake myself up to drive away the sleep because I do know and hear all the time

  about the draws, but for me to dream about winning it, never came across my mind, not even for a second.  But I started looking around for radio to listen to the program and confirm what is on the phone, while in the process of finding a radio, the voice on the phone was familiar, I knew and heard it before, but all was lost just from hearing about the money. In the end all my neighbor came running to ask if I was the one on the radio. Yes I said after hearing my self on the air (radio) than I got crazily happy and ask two of my friends in the area to go with me to the draw site.


At the program Williams received the check in the amount of us$10.000 dollar as the fifth winner of the Saturday April, 4, 2009 draw, during the presentation CELLCOM, CEO Mr. Avishai Marziano told the listening audience that “BE A MILLIONAIRE” raffle is to show to its many costumers “that as you support us, we will also support you in making you #1, he added that its their way of supporting the government in its Poverty Reduction Strategic plan.

The University of Liberia gets us$20.000 worth of equipment.

19 03 2009

2tangoMasscomm- students taken to the Digital World of photography.


The Syracuse  university today give the University of Liberia mass communication department us$ 20.000 ( twenty thousand united state Dollar)  worth of equipment which includes digital cameras, lenses, batteries memory cards and two lap tops. receiving the items the president of the University of Liberia  thanked  Mr. Ken Harper an assistant professor from  the  department of S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications  at the Syracuse university in USA.

17 03 2009

The beauty of Nimba mountains.

We have beautiful places to go sight seeing in and  around Liberia, the people , the country side. the land scape and different types of animals and trees. please allow me to share my trip with you.

It was  early Januaray when two friends from France, both journalist from a magarzine call GEO widely read, they came to do stories on the development , reconstruction and life of the common liberian. most of the time , many of the stories are mainly in and around monrovia so people out in the different counties are not heard about and know of. 

see some of the pictures. 

Hello world!

17 03 2009

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