7 04 2009

_dsc2tango2Missing dreams are back. ten grand in my hand.

Like many Liberians, making ends meet daily is like moon walking with out the popper equipment, but for some, the GSM Company (cellcom) has made moon walking look like drinking coco-cola, and now the 5th person Williams Blamo had taken the us$10.000 dollar walk, all you have to do is just call and talk and use two dollars and you will received an electronic ticket for the draw at each week end…………



An 18-year old 8th grade junior high school student  Williams Blamo of the seven day Adventist high school in the Monrovia over the week-end became the fifth winner of the GSM Company CELLCOM ten thousand dollars raffle draw. Williams lives with his mother, two brothers and a sister. As it is in Liberia Saturday most people stay at home wash their clothes, clean their homes and relax after the days work, Williams had just finished cleaning the house and  washing his brothers, sister and mother clothes , he was tired and went for some rest when his phone rang.

According to Williams “I was just trying to dose off to sleep when my phone rang, but I am never reluctant to answer my phone, so I pick it up, Hello? Hello? Then the other side answer, yes this is cellcom weekly raffle draw you have won the ten thousand dollars. It sounded like joke, you know I have friends in school that are good at this (fooling around), so I shake myself up to drive away the sleep because I do know and hear all the time

  about the draws, but for me to dream about winning it, never came across my mind, not even for a second.  But I started looking around for radio to listen to the program and confirm what is on the phone, while in the process of finding a radio, the voice on the phone was familiar, I knew and heard it before, but all was lost just from hearing about the money. In the end all my neighbor came running to ask if I was the one on the radio. Yes I said after hearing my self on the air (radio) than I got crazily happy and ask two of my friends in the area to go with me to the draw site.


At the program Williams received the check in the amount of us$10.000 dollar as the fifth winner of the Saturday April, 4, 2009 draw, during the presentation CELLCOM, CEO Mr. Avishai Marziano told the listening audience that “BE A MILLIONAIRE” raffle is to show to its many costumers “that as you support us, we will also support you in making you #1, he added that its their way of supporting the government in its Poverty Reduction Strategic plan.